Derek Candelore is a Knowledgeable Medical Sales Professional

Derek Candelore is a Medical Sales Professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He holds Bachelors of Science or Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania. He also holds Master’s Level college credits in Industrial Psychology. Besides studies, he was also active in other activities. He was an undefeated USA boxing amateur sectional champion, Pittsburgh Black and Gold Heavyweight Champion in 2006-2007.

From 2001- 2004, Derek A Candelore served Concentra as Sales Manager. He started working as a Rep selling employee Drug Testing services to companies with a staff of over 100 employees. He successfully sold at high levels and raised profits that created new positions for Occ Med Doctors and nursing staff. In addition, he handled large accounts including US Steel and Allegheny County Airport, and this accounted for 75% of his business.

Derek served Beltone as Territory Manager for a period of 6 years. In this company, he served as Sales Executive and was promoted to the Territory Manager within a year. Here, he was responsible for selling post auricular hearing aids to Otolaryngologists, Audiologists and licensed hearing aid specialists. Besides this, he trained Audiologists on the proper physical fitting of the product.

Derek A Candelore is serving Medlogic Consultant as Regional Sales Manager since 2010. In this company, he is responsible for directing and managing all aspects of Sales/territory development and large accounts for Transdermal Compound Pain Creams. As a responsible Sales Manager, he handled multiple large accounts and increased revenue from $80k to $2.1 million, during his first year in the company.

In his professional career, he has achieved 171% above quota in medical sales. He also acquired more than 250 new patients within one group practice. For his performance, he is ranked second out of 180 reps company wide. In addition to this, he is recognized as the Presidents Club award winner in 2008-2012.


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